The barbershop management system of the future

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Why choose us?


Website / Mobile App

Why not let us increase your barbershops brand?

All of our clients receive a branded website and mobile app for their customers.

Appointment System

Do your customers want to book appointments?

All of our websites and mobile apps come with an appointment system built in.

Phone Tree

Would you like assistance when your busy?

With our phone tree your customers will be able to book appointments via a phone tree.

Text System

Do your customers like the convience of telling you when they will be arriving to the shop?

With our text system, they will be able to book an appointment all over text message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to only take appointments on certain days?

If you notify us of the days you would like to make appointments we will ensure appointments can only be made on these days.

Does the phone and text system come with the appointment system?

No the phone and text system is on a pay as you go method. The systems cost $2 a day to use.

Will I be able to sell products?

Yes, as long as you purchase a premium or better package.

Will the mobile app be available for download in app stores?

We can upload the app to the app store for a $200 fee + the app store fees.


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